You can send payment to us via your Paypal account. The ammount will be approximate 20% of the total quotation, the balance can be paid at our office. You may save time by payment full price too. We will send you our confirmation for pick up at your hotel.

Please follow these step for payment via Paypal:
1. Log in your Paypal account.
2. Choose Pay for goods or services.
3. Fill email in the box that you would like to pay to: our Paypal account is the email:
4. Fill in the number of payment –> Choose USD.
5. Add a note: Please add your name, and content of payment. For example: “mekong delta cycling tour” ect… departure on date…. etc..
6. Choose: No address needed. Because we can not ship our “tour” to your home !!
7. Click Continue.
8. Click Send payment now.

Paypal payment to Sinhbalo