Sapa Vietnam and the Northern Mountains
The lovely mountainous hill town of Sa Pa, once a retreat for the French colonialists, sits at 1,650 m (5,414 ft.) While days here are temperate, it is refreshingly cool at night. During late December to February, temperature drop down to Zero Celsius degree and snow fall sometimes. The area’s most distinctive landmark is the 3,143-m ( 10,312 ft.) Mt. Fansipan. These days visitors are drawn by its attractive scenery — impressive peaks and verdant valleys– and also by its ethnic minorities: Hmong, Dzao, Tay, Giay etc… each of which have their own unique dress, language, and customs.

In Sapa Vietnam, many tour groups go on treks and visit these villages and their handicraft markets. Select villages as TaVan, BanHo, ThanhPhu also offer homestays where you may stay with families and experience life in a rural community. Alternatives while in the area include visiting White Thai villages in Mai Chau, historical battlefields in Dien Bien Phu, or colorful indigenous markets in Sapa and Bac Ha. Or you might traverse the northern Ha Giang limestone mountains and their caves, the valleys, or the spectacular waterfalls found in Cao Bang. This may be one of the most memorable journeys you will undertake in Vietnam.

Sapa trekking to the hidden villages 3days.

Sapa is a colorful and charming mountain town. It’s a perfect oasis in the midst of a strenous mountain trek or hiking through village rice terraces. Sapa trekking trip through Vietnam’s mountainous region to experience hill tribe culture and traditional customs, and discover stunning scenery and friendly ethnic Hmong, Dzao, Giay, Tay people. Sapa trekking…